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ST. MARYS Church of Christ

The church of Christ at St. Mary's is simply a group of Christians dedicated to serving God. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is mankind's only guide. We are, therefore, committed to preaching the gospel of Christ without addition or subtraction, which is man's only hope for eternal life.

We are interested in helping if you are searching for the way of God, and welcome the opportunity to privately study the Bible with you. Please contact us; we would love to meet with you. In addition, you are invited to visit one of our public worship assemblies.

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Biblical Teaching

We teach the doctrine of Jesus Christ, not some mere man.

We believe every Christian today owes their allegiance, their confession, to Christ, and not to any teacher of man's doctrines.

We have made a commitment to speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent. To call Bible things by Bible names and do Bible things in Bible ways.

We are not a denomination, but an assembly of Christians practicing New Testament Christianity without deviation, creed, or allegiance to modern theology.

Our Servants

Art Wilson, Our Minster

Art Wilson

Art Wilson grew up in Englewood, TN, enjoying the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and worshiping with the library Hill Church of Christ. He started preaching at age 15. After graduating high school, he decided to attend the Memphis School Of Preaching in Memphis, TN and graduated with honors in 2006. He has preached for congregations in TN, AR, and GA. He met and married his wife Amy while he was preaching in Cairo, Ga. Art enjoys photography, outdoors, and intriguing books. In December 2012, Art moved to work with the St. Mary's Church Of Christ in St. Mary's, GA. He currently contributes to the radio program "Buying the Truth" airing Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. on 106.3 as an outreach to the Camden County area.

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