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  December 9, 2018 PM Art Wilson Salvation in the Lord's body

  December 9, 2018 AM Art Wilson Single Minded Living For Jesus


  December 02, 2018 PM Art Wilson  Understanding Opinions and Scruples 

  December 02, 2018 AM Art Wilson Calling On the Name of the Lord

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  November 18, 2018 AM Art Wilson Thanksgiving


  November 11, 2018 PM Art Wilson Lesson Learned From The Upper Room

  November 11, 2018 AM Art Wilson The Mindset Of Joy

                    GOSPEL MEETING

    November 7, 2018 PM Ryan Frederick Wednesday Lesson

   November 6, 2018 PM Ryan Frederick Open Your Eyes

    November 5, 2018 PM Ryan Frederick Standing Firm In the face of opposition

    November 4, 2018 PM Ryan Frederick Perfecting Holiness

   November 4, 2018 AM Ryan Frederick Looking At the idea of salvation


    September 23, 2018 PM Art Wilson The Problem Of Worry  Friends & Family Day

  September 23, 2018 AM Art Wilson Unspeakable Joy


  July 1, 2018 Pm Art Wilson Isaiah's Look at Jerusalem

  July 1, 2018 Am Art Wilson True Liberty In Christ


  June 17, 2018 Am Terry Powel Audio Sermon



 John Bird

 1922 - 2018



Gospel Meeting 2017

 Missing Wednesday due to technical difficulties

October 24, 2017  Eric Owens / Gospel Meeting  Tuesday night

 October 23, 2017  Eric Owens / Gospel Meeting  Monday night

 October 22, 2017  Eric Owens / Gospel Meeting  Bible    , Worship  ,Forgivness



Gospel Meeting - 2016

  November 4, 5, 6th     Sam Long  Lesson #1      Lesson #2    Lesson #3






   God and the World on Same-Sex Marriage


    here |



 2016 Fishers Of Men    1st Session    2nd Session    3rd Session



Summer Series Wednesday 6:00 PM Summer Series

   June 4   June 11  June 18

     Walk In Love    Being Knit Together in Love  David Dixon


    Standing In The Gap 2014

    Don Blackwell Gospel Meeting 2014


GOSPEL MEETING Callahan Church Of Christ Dr. Olu Shabazz 10-18-22- 2006

"Preaching the Gospel is NOT what I do, It is what I AM"

10-22 Dr. Olu Shabazz  


Local Minster of Harlem Church Of Christ, Local ,national, international evangelist, student of the word for numerous years, Speaks Annually on Lectureships, Gospel meeting and in local religious discussion. He is academically equipped , He's acquired his bachelors in religion, his master in theology, his Drs. in theology, He's known across the nation as a Bible exegete, As a exceptional expositor, student of the holly scriptures. Dr. Shabazz is a student of the truth., seeker of divine revolution, Servant of Jesus Christ, Champion of the Gospel of Christ and a dynamic Gospel preacher

Christianity Verses Islam Public Debate

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