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During the summer of 2007 Kristi & Nathan went on a mission trip to Panama and the San Blas Islands off the coast of South America. The trip was long but it was well worth it.

Through out the whole week, we had a total of nineteen baptisms including some of the most important people on the Island. We also had large bible classes. One day the children’s bible class was around eighty-five children. The trip was a great success and brought many people closer to the Lord.

The trip was extremely   exiting we both had a great time and met many new people. The children were very playful and we loved them. We learned a lot about their culture and how they live their lifestyle made us realize how truly blessed we are and even though they have less physical they have more spiritually and were so happy.

Overall the trip was a great success and everyone that went had a great time. We all learned valuable lessons that will strengthen our walk with God and help us to be stronger Christians.

                                Yes II Campaign
Mission Trip



Throughout the past several years, hundreds of children have enjoyed a week of fun and fellowship while learning about the Bible at Georgia Bible Camp located in Valdosta, GA. From early morning to late night, the kids are encouraged to learn Bible facts, memorize scriptures and basic Christian principles.

Every child, regardless of age anxiously awaits one particular activity that occurs every year. Every year there are kids that have only heard about it and can't wait to finally be a part of it. What is it you ask? Ask any kid that has been to GBC and they can surely tell you. The SHAVING CREAM BATTLE that takes place on the last afternoon of camp. Kids line up to receive their supply of shaving cream, GET READY, GET SET, GO!! The once green grass of the field turns as white as kids spray each other with the slippery substance.

The kids will tell you that while they look forward to this epic battle, it is the memory verses that they will never forget. Take forty hungry kids, line them up at the cafeteria door, and tell them that they can not enter until they repeat their daily memory verse. Talk about motivation! These kids get motivated to learn those scriptures! And learn them they do. From the oldest to the youngest, they all will learn five memory verses throughout the week.


                                                          Through the Years at Georgia Bible Camp - Valdosta, GA




              2007 Ladies Day               Fellowship Thru the Years