Once there was a Christian doctor who had a friend who kept saying that one of these days he was going to obey the gospel.  He would always

say, “I know what I ought to do, and one day before long, I’ll straighten up and begin serving God.”  One day the doctor was called to John’s side.

John had the flu.  His life was not in danger, but John did not know that.                                    

He felt painfully sick and weak.  When the doctor came and examined John,

he shook his head sort of sadly, gathered up has bag and started out the

room and said, “John, I know just what you need to fix you up.  It will cure        

you in a few days.  Why don’t you come by my office in a month or so,

and I’ll write you a prescription.”


“In a month or so, why I could be dead in a month or so!” John said, excitedly.


          “That’s true,” replied the doctor, “But I know what medicine you need, and one of these days I’ll write you a prescription.”


          “Doctor,” replied John, “When I’m sick, I want to be cured just as quickly as possible.  I want that medicine right now!”


          “You’re right, John,” the doctor calmly said,” That is what I have been telling you about your soul—knowing what you should do is not sufficient, you must do it.”                                                        


          Many people are just like John; they know full well what they should do, but keep putting it off.  “One of these days” may never come.  On the Day of Judgment, Christ is going to be interested in what we did, not what we planned to do one day.  Can you afford to gamble with your soul?  And remember, it is just as important to be faithful as a Christian as it is to become one.  Jesus said, “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life.” (Rev.2:10 ff).