Jesus said, “For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” (Matt.6:21).  Therefore, to find where one’s real interests lie, check up on how he spends his money.  One who is interested in the great outdoors will usually manage to have a camper and fishing and hunting gear.  If one has his closet filled with athletic equipment, it is easy to figure out where his interests lie.  If a man does not have any of these things, but his whole family is as fat as summer hogs, it is not very difficult to decide where his money goes.


          Likewise, if you find a man who makes a good salary and he drops a dollar in the collection plate on Sunday morning but pays $50 for a rod and reel that same week, you know where his heart is!  This principle holds true with one’s time as well as with his money.  If he spends only one hour on Sunday in worship and an average of four hours a day before the television set, it would be rather hard to convince anyone that his real interest is in the Lord.


          We sometimes act as though God is blind or naïve.  If we just give the crumbs to God and spend money on ourselves as if it is going out of style, using little of our time and talents in the service of God, can we expect Him to open the doors of heaven and welcome us in?  God loves us with a matchless love.  He sent his son to the earth to die in our stead. (Jno.3:16). Christ came and willingly went to the cross to make an atonement for us.  We are being naïve if we think that we can ignore Him, indulge ourselves with everything that we faintly desire and still enjoy heaven when this life ends.  We need to learn to put to death our worldly lusts, and turn our thoughts toward the heavenly Father. God does not expect us to sit with hands folded and do nothing in this life for entertainment; however, he does expect us to put things in their proper perspective.  When Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” (Matt.6:33) this is what he meant.  We are not putting the kingdom of God first in our lives if we do all the things that we want to do with our time and spend all our money on our worldly pleasures.  And, we do not fool God by putting on a pious expression.  He knows our hearts!  Let us make a diligent effort to put the kingdom of God first in all things.  Eternity is so much longer than this life.