There are two words that are hampering the work of the church.  Those two words are “too busy.”  So often we are too busy to visit those who are sick.  We are too busy to go out and seek those who have gone astray; and sometimes we are too busy even to attend the worship services.  When a “Christian” is too busy to work for the Lord, then he is too busy.


          What do you think the Lord will say on the Day of Judgment whenever we give the excuse that we were just too busy.  He was busy; yet, he took the time to heal the sick and teach the lost, and his mode of travel was walking.  Surely he was busy when he received word that his friend Lazarus was sick.  However, he went to Bethany where Lazarus was.  Though he was busy, he took time to give attention to the children who were brought to him.  He was busy, yet he went in search of those who were lost.


          There are two other words that we should consider, and these two words are “too late.”  We might be too busy in this life and plan one day to begin serving the Lord.  Day after day we may put off doing those things that we know we should do, but remember this fact, one day it will be too late to do them.  What will it benefit us to have planned to teach the gospel to a friend or a neighbor?  When we die, or the friend or neighbor dies, then it is too late.  Time cannot be recalled to do the most important thing in the world.  We must work while we have the opportunity.  There is an old Negro proverb that is very true:  “Mean to don’t pick no cotton.”  We might “mean to” do many things, but if we do not do them, one day it will be too late, and “too busy” will be a frail excuse.  Thank God for those who find time and the opportunity to do His bidding.  Heaven will be their reward!!