A wild animal behind bars may appear beautiful.  Some look like lovable pets.  At zoos, there are always signs on the cages “Do not feed the animals.”  Some people ignore these signs, go right ahead and feed them.  However, occasionally someone is badly bitten or clawed.  The animal that appeared lovable was a vicious wild creature.  The warnings were there; someone became careless and paid the penalty.  Sin is like that.  It appears harmless, even alluring; however, the end result is destruction.  Few people plan to lose their eternal souls.  They think that they can “feed the animals” without harm.  However, Satan is cunning.  He leads us along a little at a time until we are entrapped.  Three major types of sin are especially destructive.  They are: pride, jealousy, and lust.  Many have been led into the quagmires of sin because they did not have the courage to refrain from things that they saw others doing.  Sometimes pride will lead one to drink.  The others in the crowd are drinking, and laugh at one who will not.  He then has to prove his “manhood” by drinking.  The same principle is true with many other sins.  Some people are too filled with pride, too afraid to be different and refrain from sin—sin that will lead to destruction.  Jealousy is also a terrible sin.  Others encourage some sins, but jealousy comes from within.  It comes from a selfish heart.  One feels that he or she must be the center of attention at all times, and when this does not happen, jealousy raises its ugly head and leads to other sins.  We need to realize that there is no room in God’s kingdom for jealousy.  Instead of desiring to be the center of attention, we need to lose self in service to God.  One is always much happier if he does not put self first.  Then, there is “lust.”  Lust comes in many forms.  It is an intense desire for that that is forbidden.  God has not created us so that our natural desires could not be fulfilled or controlled.  The problem arises when men and women venture outside God’s natural order of things.


          Let us always be careful that we do not feed these sins.  All

that we do is seen by that all-seeing eye.  Therefore, we cannot sin in secret and expect that all is well.  If we sin, we must eventually pay the penalty.  Why not rather center our minds upon God and serve him in his appointed way.  Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.  (Matt. 6:33).  What a wonderful promise!  Why not try it, and enjoy this life and the life to come.