When we observe the wickedness all around us today, we have to recognize that something is drastically wrong.  We have to realize also that something is responsible for the evil conditions that exist.  Why would a country that was settled mainly by those who were looking for a place of religious freedom, become one with the highest crime rate?  Why would a nation in which, only a few years ago, just one percent were atheists now have that percentage rise to about 17 percent?   The answer is that Satan has been busy while we, as Christians, have a tendency to relax and hope that conditions will improve.


          It is not very hard to understand the climbing crime rate.  There was a time when the movies and television programs portrayed the criminal in his true role—the bad man; and showed him always getting punished for his crimes.  However, that has changed.  Many movies have been made, making the criminal the hero, such as “Bonnie and Clyde.”  While the trend is changing somewhat, for several years the police on television were all rotten, while the evil element was glamorized.  Our young people, especially college students, were encouraged to protest and rebel.  They were shown as basically good young people who were misunderstood.  Even the drug culture was shown in a much better light than the facts betray.  The television shows are getting away from that, but have now turned to vulgarity.  There is hardly a program without cursing and vulgarity, and on television everybody drinks; it is a way of life.  Men and women living together without marriage is portrayed as the accepted thing to do.  Even the first lady of the land (a few years ago) stated publicly that if a boy and girl should live together before marriage, it would reduce the divorce rate.  I am also told that at bookstores you can buy magazines off the racks showing completely nude men as well as women.  The courts have ruled that nudity is not necessarily pornography, but I wonder what it is!  The wise man, Solomon, tells us in Prov.14:34, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”


          Conditions as they are in the nation today, will result in more and more sin and evil being practiced.  The only answer is for Christians to take a firm stand against sin and for Christ.  We must let our voices be heard and our lights be seen!!