Surely all of us go through a period when we are young and restless.  For a while, children had much rather be somewhere else than sitting on a church pew listening to a preacher, or at least having to sit still and  go through the motions” of listening.  However, don’t ever give in to the impulse to keep them home because it is a little trouble keeping them still and quiet at worship services.  It will pay off after a while.  They will learn to enjoy worship services, and learn the importance of worshipping God.  Children who are left to themselves; brought up without the benefit of Christian training, have little chance of reaching heaven.  At best, one reared in our modern world has a struggle living a decent moral life.  There are temptations on every hand, and the pressure to follow the crowd is terribly strong.  It becomes almost impossible without the proper Christian background, so be sure that you do your part as a parent.


          Sometimes, despite all that you do, some children go astray.  Some just will not take the training.  However, most children will.  If you want to see the importance of Christian training, check the juvenile courts.  The overwhelming majority of children in trouble with the courts are those who were never taken to Sunday school and worship services.


          The apostle Paul said in Eph. 6:4, “And ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”  You do not do your children a favor to let them decide for themselves what they shall do.  You do not let them make other important decisions, such as whether or not they go to school; whether or not they brush their teeth, eat the proper foods, etc.  Then why let them decide whether or not they will attend worship services?  This is much more important than whether they attend school or any other physical matter.  Also, children deserve a Christian example.  And by this I do not mean only in attendance to worship services.  If they hear you talk despairingly of the preacher, the elders, or other church members, they get the idea that you do not have much brotherly love.  If they see you take towels from motel rooms and call them souvenirs, they learn to steal.  If they hear you use language that is unbecoming to a Christian, they know that religion doesn’t mean very much to you.  Therefore, set the proper example and help them survive the “young and restless” years that they may become respectable citizens and dedicated Christians, and more importantly, help them reach that home in heaven!