Sin is technically defined as “missing the mark.”  However, this definition does not give the true meaning of sin.  For example, one might set a particular goal for himself during a year.  At the end of the year he might not have accomplished as much as he planned; he would have missed the mark, but he might not have sinned in doing so.  To sin is to err with reference to God’s will. There are certain things that God has said that we shall not do, and there are things that he has said that we must do.  If we miss the mark in these things, then we have sinned.


          Again, sin is a transgression of God’s law. (1 Jno.3:4).  In connection with morality, men and women are to live above the animal level.  Besides this, God has commanded that we worship him according to the instructions given in his Holy word.  To fall short or go beyond the things commanded is to sin.  Therefore, there is a definite line between right and wrong.   God has been specific enough for all accountable people to recognize and distinguish the one from the other.  Some people make no apologies about the matter.  They enjoy sin, so they do whatever appeals to them without regard to what God has said.  Others make a pretense of serving God while secretly satisfying their own lusts.  While still others, longing for the pleasures of sin and desiring to serve God at the same time, see how close they can come to the line without crossing over.  With this attitude, sooner or later, they will cross over.  Satan knows this; therefore, he makes sin as glamorous as possible.  He portrays the most successful and happier people as those who indulge in the sensuous worldly endeavors.  He doesn’t show the end result.  How many people would be encouraged to drink alcoholic beverages if the billboards showed skid-row or hungry and abused children suffering because their father was in the barrooms?  And, how many would persuade their children to frequent the dance halls or common juke-joints if these places had big signs showing Satan waiting just inside the door?  We need to warn people of the consequences of sin.


          You cannot “wallow in the pigsty without smelling like a hog!”  You cannot walk the fence without falling in.  In short, you cannot indulge in sin without paying the penalty.  In Romans 6:23, the apostle Paul says, “The wages of sin is death.”  He is talking about eternal destruction.  Can any sin be worth that price?