A great many of men’s inventions have been time-savers, and have eased the burdens of the laborer, but there is one that is just the opposite of a time-saver.  The television set is a thief and a robber of time.  How many hours do you suppose are lost each week to the television set?  And, how many souls do you suppose will miss heaven because of a failure to serve God while lounging in front of the tube?  While there are fewer and fewer decent programs to see, television as such is not sinful.  It becomes sinful, however, if we let it come before God or between us and our service to Him.


          There is always a great gap between our Sunday morning service and our evening service.  While I realize that there are those who cannot come out at night, I’m afraid there are many who just do not want to.  Could it be that there is something on television that is more interesting than the worship of God?  If one is looking for entertainment, I realize that a gospel preacher cannot compete with professional entertainers.  However, our worship service is not intended to be entertainment.  We come together to offer up our praise and worship to the God who created us and who blesses us so bountifully.  If there are programs that we had rather stay home to watch, then this is an indication of soul-sickness, and the only doctor who can cure such an illness is God.  We need to put our values in the proper perspective.  God and His services should always come first in our lives.  When Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…” (Matt. 6:33) he meant all of the time.  Wouldn’t it be terrible to be sent away into everlasting destruction because a particular television program kept us from services on Sunday night and Wednesday night?  When we are facing either heaven or hell, television will seem so very unimportant.  Don’t let it be a thief of your time.   Heaven is worth the effort!