THE GREAT DECEIVER                                         


The apostle John said, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him” (1 Jno.2:15).  When John said, “Love not the world,” he meant the worldly things, the evil that makes up the world.  It is easy for one to become so enmeshed in worldly pleasures or worldly activities that he has no time for God.  The great deceiver will try hard to persuade you that later you will have plenty of time to serve God, but this is an idle promise.  Time is fleeting for each of us.  Satan is cunning in his methods of ensnaring you.  First of all, he will use things that are not sinful in and of themselves.  Everybody knows that it is not wrong to hunt and fish.  And everybody knows that it is not wrong to enjoy sports events.  Therefore, Satan will begin with these.  Again, who could criticize watching television?  And surely the deceiver begins with this.  How many people do you suppose waste hour after hour sitting in front of the television set.  It becomes addictive.  A serial program always ends with something very special about to happen so that you will tune in again next time.  Also, the networks compete for your time so they each try to have the kind of program that the most people will watch.  After you get addicted to watching, then even if there is nothing at all worth seeing, you will likely decide which of the sorry programs you will watch.


          I said that Satan begins with things that are not wrong within themselves, but he surely doesn’t stop there.  After he is monopolizing your time completely, he will entice you into other areas, often things that are sinful.  For example, how many young people do you suppose have been persuaded to try drugs as a result of the kind of company they have been keeping?  Or, how many have been persuaded to go to some place of ill repute after they have become lax in their attendance at worship services?  The argument always is “What can be wrong with this?”  The faithful Christian would know that Peter said that if the Christian becomes entangled with the world again and is overcome, the latter end is worse with him than the beginning (2 Pet.2:20-22).  Therefore, resist the devil and he will flee from thee.  Serve God faithfully and diligently, saving yourself and many others.