We Should be very careful of the things with which we fill our minds and the things that we let our children fill their minds.  In 1 Thes. 5:22, the apostle Paul, said, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” So many disregard this command today.  We are supposed to be living in an “enlightened age.”  This is what educators and others are saying.  There are those who are forcing upon us and our children their immoral ideas.  Nudity, when it is called art, is still nudity and vulgar.  Describing all the details of reproduction in text books for school children, and teaching this in mixed classes doesn’t make this pornography respectable.  Stating that a certain television program is “adult entertainment” does not change the fact that it is indecent, and should not be watched by adults nor children.  Our society is slowly drifting (and sometimes not so slowly) further and further away from the standards set by God.  Rulings on pornography are made, so we are told, based on the “standards of the community.”  Therefore, if the majority in the community accepts vulgarity, indecency, or whatever, then it becomes legal, and nothing can be done about what appears in print or on television.  The rulings should be based upon God’s standards, not the standards of the majority.


          It is obvious that the morals of the country have slipped a long way in the wrong direction.  As an example, when the motion picture “Gone with the Wind” was first shown, one curse word was used at the very end of this four-hour movie.  People were horrified that it was used.   And, this was not so many years ago, but now you can hardly watch a television program without hearing curse words over and over again, and not too many people are even criticizing it.  Not too many years ago, it was considered somewhat risqué in a movie if a man and woman went into the bedroom together; however, now, even on television, little is left to the imagination.  Has such become respectable now?  What made it respectable?  Just as calling nudity art, or pornography literature, does not change it, saying that we are living in an enlightened age does not justify dirty movies nor does it make them respectable.  The morality of our nation is being molded by the atheistic elements, and it is time that the decent element should stand up and be heard.  Be careful of the things that your children read; their lives will be affected by them, and be careful of the programs that they watch and the movies that they see.  If enough people would refrain from buying the products of those who sponsor filth, it would cease!  This is something to think about!!