In most endeavors there are a few keys that open the door of success.  These keys are “work,” “honesty,” and “self-discipline.”  In the Christian life, one additional key needs to be added, and that is “Bible knowledge.”  With Bible knowledge, work, honesty, and self-discipline you can succeed in living the Christian life and finally reach that home in heaven.  However, these keys are not that readily available among Christians.  You cannot possess just one of these keys and succeed; you must possess all of them.  There are those who are willing to work very hard at religion, but want to do it their own way.  Many times, they disregard Bible knowledge, being perfectly willing to accept whatever they have been taught without checking  for themselves whether these things are true.  There are others who have studied and have gained Bible knowledge but have failed to develop self-discipline, without which one can never abstain from those things that are evil.  Honesty is a wonderful characteristic, but honesty alone is not sufficient in the spiritual realm.  Also, it seems sometimes that those who are in denominational error are more willing to work than those in the church who know the truth.  Certain denominational people are regularly out in the communities knocking on doors, inviting people to services, and offering to teach them their particular doctrines.  Yet, it seems to be rather difficult to get some of our people to invite and encourage their own personal friends.              


          The saddest words in human language will be those on judgment day to those who are lost—“depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”  (Matt.25:41).  It will make little difference why these words are uttered.  One will be just as lost if he fails to work in the Lord’s vineyard, as he would be if he were a thief.  And wouldn’t it be a pitiful thing to be sent away to everlasting destruction because one did not take advantage of the opportunities to study and learn what God would have him to do in order to reach heaven.  Suppose that one was just as honest as he could be, practiced self-discipline, abstained from evil, but just had no love for the word of God, would not attend the Bible study classes and would not work for the cause of Christ.  That would be sad if it happened to anyone, but think how terrible it would be if it happened to you or someone you loved dearly.  Don’t gamble with your soul; make use of the keys of success, and enjoy heaven when this life is ended.