I have walked into barber shops and noticed a sudden hush in the conversation, and then a gradual shift of conversation to some religious subject.  It was rather obvious that the previous conversation was not religious.  While I appreciate the respect for me as a minister of the gospel, God hears all conversations, and He would appreciate a little more respect.  A great many people act as though all is well if the preacher doesn’t know what goes on in their lives.  It matters little whether or not the preacher approves of one’s lifestyle.  We need to be concerned whether or not God approves.


          The question is sometimes asked:  Do you go places where you would be ashamed to take the Lord if he were here?  A question just as important would be:  Would you be ashamed for the Lord to be a guest in your home during a normal day’s or night’s activities?  Would your activities, your conversation, and the television programs that you watch be pleasing to him?  Whether we recognize it or not, we cannot hide from God.  He hears the kind of language we use; he sees the things that we do, and he knows the kind of television programs we watch.  The appearance that we make on Sunday morning might be the only gage that some people have to judge us by, but God knows even our innermost thoughts; therefore, our life is open to him.  It is not only important that we refrain from those things that are evil, how we use our time is also important.  When we stand before the Lord on that final judgment day, we will be judged by what we did for the Lord as well as those things we refrained from doing.  (2 Cor.5:10). What kind of record are you making in your day to day activities?  Here are a few things to think about:  How much time is spent reading the Bible?  Would your children think somebody had died if they saw you praying?  Do your children learn the finer arts of gossip from your conversations?  What is their attitude toward the church, based on your conversations about the members?  Is there any preparation for worship services?  Is any emphasis placed on preparing Bible study lessons?  Do you give generously to the cause of Christ? And do you teach your children the importance of sacrificing for Him?  In short, if the Lord should spend a week in your home, what would he think of you at the end of that week?  Just remember, you might hide many things from many people, but the Lord is an all-seeing God!