Did you ever notice that the team with one superstar seldom wins the pennant.  There are several reasons for why.  Other team members might be jealous of the superstar and not give their best efforts, or they may depend too heavily upon him.  The superstar himself might desire to receive the glory and try to be the whole team.  Whatever the reason, the end result is that the team does not win.  The team with much less individual ability will win because they play together as a team, each contributing to the end result.


          This principle is true in the church.  It takes teamwork to win souls to Christ and develop into a strong congregation.  Good elders cannot succeed by themselves; a good preacher cannot carry the whole load.  It takes the combined efforts of all.  Of course, good leadership is required, but there must be those who are willing to work with the leaders.  There is no reason why any congregation should not grow into a strong, active congregation.  As Christians, we have the responsibility to spread the borders of the kingdom of Christ (Mk.16:15).  Therefore, let us put our shoulders to the wheel and go forward.  There is much work to be done, and you and I are the ones God expects to get the job done.  There is wickedness and spiritual ignorance on every hand.  Christ is the only answer to the problems of the world, but His word must be taken to the world.  Just having services will not be sufficient, because those who need the teaching most are not coming to hear it.  We must take it to them.  Our purpose as Christians is to glorify God; we are saved to save others.  Let us be sure that we are fulfilling our obligations to God.  If we are selfish with the gospel of Christ, it can never benefit us.  Therefore, let us share it that we might reap the benefits in eternity.  Heaven is a wonderful home.  It will be populated by those who love the Lord.  Will you be among that number? What you do in life determines where your soul will be for all eternity.  Just warming a pew is not enough.  After we have met to worship God, we must go out and put the Christian principles into action.  If we will each join the team and work together, we will see the results here and then meet together in eternity.