Whenever one begins to run a temperature, we do not try to treat the temperature because we realize that a fever is only a symptom that there is infection somewhere in the body.  We immediately begin to try and locate the infection and to treat it.  Nevertheless, because we are more interested in the source of the trouble than in the fever, we do not just ignore the fever.  If we ignore this symptom, the patient may die.  Even whenever the fever begins to subside, we still keep a close watch on it because the patient may begin to feel well and think that there is no longer any danger.  A lingering temperature indicates that the infection is still present even though the patient may not feel any pain.

          Just as one might have a fever and not know the cause of it, one might neglect the worship service without being aware of the problem causing it.  Whenever one fails to attend the worship service, this is a symptom of a deeper spiritual problem, a problem that can be fatal to his eternal soul.  Whenever we find ourselves looking for an excuse to miss the worship services, we need to examine our spiritual condition.  Missing the worship services is a pretty good indication that indifference is beginning to set in.  It is an indication that one does not love God as he should; and, we need to realize that without a genuine, heart-felt love for God, we cannot hope to reach heaven. (Matt.22:37-40).                                                                      

          The fact that one “feels well” about his spiritual life, is no guarantee that all is well.  Although we might try and justify our absence, it is still true that deliberately missing worship services is an indication of a spiritual problem.  The fact that we do not recognize this truth, does not change the matter.  As children of God, we have Christian responsibilities.  Hiding from these will not make them disappear.  Indifference can surely be helped by faithful attendance.  Ignoring symptoms of indifference is like ignoring a high fever.  While the fever is only a symptom, the primary cause may take one’s life if the fever is ignored. Why not make a resolution now to be present at all services and to meet your Christian responsibilities.  You will be happier here and hereafter!!