††††††††† God created us so that we must eat regularly in order to grow and remain healthy.It is hard to find a condition that is worse than malnutrition.There are people in this world who do not have enough to eat, and suffer as a result.However, in America, there is little problem with a lack of physical food.In fact, some doctors say that Americans are eating themselves to death.The point is, few of us refuse to eat.


††††††††† God also created us with a requirement for spiritual food.If we do not partake properly of this spiritual food, we wither and die spiritually, and what a sad plight it is when one dies spiritually.In such a condition there is no hope for eternal salvation.The danger of failing to partake of the spiritual food is that spiritual death is a gradual process.One begins to show less and less concern for God, Christ, and his church, and at the same time, more and more concern for worldly activities, some of which are sinful.We partake of spiritual food by studying the word of God and attending worship services.And like physical food, it must be partaken of in a regular manner.Just as one would become emaciated if he just ate on rare occasions, went several days without eating, refused to eat the right kinds of food, so the child of God becomes weak and sick spiritually when he neglects to study Godís word and forsakes the worship services.


††††††††† There are symptoms of this spiritual disease, but few who are affected notice them.They are obvious to others, but the careless Christian doesnít want to see them in himself.He begins to find fault with the members of the church; he begins to justify missing the services and participates in questionable activities.He looks for excuses to miss the services.He becomes defensive and sometimes even rude if someone questions him as to why he was absent.He often tries to stir confusion and discontent in the congregation.Nothing is ever done that pleases him.He will not recognize the fact that his own attitude is the problem; and conditions usually deteriorate until he falls away completely.(See Heb.6:4-6; 10:26,27).


††††††††† Donít ever let this happen to you.Love God with all your heart, and serve him faithfully.Heaven is a wonderful home!!