People sometimes get themselves in financial trouble by buying things that they do not need.  If you have a credit card, it is so easy to just charge it; however, payment time comes and, occasionally, payment is not easy.  In like manner, the church can be hampered by things it does not need.  Some things that the church does not need (and it doesn’t have to buy them) are worldliness, indifference, laziness, absenteeism, and contention.                 


          Even though the church does not need these things, it is always plagued with them.  We know what worldliness can do to a congregation.  If it is tolerated, soon the purity of the church is gone.  Indifference and laziness can kill the growth of the church.  It is so easy to be content to just keep house for the Lord, but Paul says, “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead…” (Eph. 5:14).  He also said, “Be thou steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” (1 Cor.15:58).  We also know that one contentious member can cause more trouble in the congregation than the elders and the preacher together can keep straightened out.  However, there is one area that many members fail to see the danger of; and that is absenteeism.  So many seem to think, “I won’t be missed today.”  And Satan bolsters this attitude by whispering, “It won’t hurt you to miss just one service.”  He knows that if he can persuade you to miss once, it will be easier to miss the second time, and he also knows that missing just once is the first step to falling away.  The church becomes weaker every time a member gives in to the enticements of Satan.  But you, as an individual Christian, suffer the most if you decide to listen to Satan.  Each time you listen to him, you endanger your eternal soul.  Eternal destruction is a terrible price to pay for worldly pleasures, an extra hour or two in bed on the Lord’s Day, or any other thing that hinders you from serving the Lord. 


          What the church does need is faithful Christians (and thank God we do have some) and God promises a wonderful reward to all the faithful.  “…Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.  (Rev.2:10 ff).