Whether we like it or not, people look to us for an example, and by our life we tell the world what we are.  What you are might or might not be very important to your next door neighbor.  Your life might not affect him very much.  It can, however, if you set the proper example; but, if you fail to set the proper example, it might not have such a great affect upon his life.  In fact, if you get too disagreeable, he can move away.  Likely, he doesn’t care very much what happens to you, but that is not the case with everybody.  There are some who care what you do—it affects their lives.  Your children cannot just move away.  Therefore, you should be concerned about the kind of example you live before them.  While your children are small, you are their hero.  Whatever you do is right in their sight, and we are told, by those who have made a study of such things, that a child’s personality is pretty well established by the age of six.  Thus, we see the great impact that parents have upon their children’s whole life.


          Let us think about the matter for a minute.  What kind of example are you setting before your children?  Do you worship with them regularly?  How often do they hear you pray?  Can you be proud of them if they follow in your footsteps?  Would you want them to hear your conversations on the job?  Would you take them to all the places that you go?  Just remember, they will likely pattern their lives after the example that you have given them, and when they do, where will it lead them?  Are you preparing them to enjoy that eternal home with God, or will they hear the Lord say, “Depart from me ye cursed, I never knew you?”  How much better it is to serve the Lord and bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Wouldn’t you rather that your children remember you fondly than in their later lives look back and blame you for their lost and undone condition?  One of the best ways to begin setting the proper example is to bring them to Bible study and the worship services.  The church is important to all of us, but it cannot benefit us unless we get involved.  However, it cannot help our children very much if we are not serving God faithfully ourselves.  We are going to be an example whether we realize it or not.  Let us strive to be the proper example that we may all enjoy that eternal home with God!