Satan is cunning, and his purpose is to ensnare you in any way that he can.  If you will let him, he will convince you that the road to happiness is that broad, easily traveled road; the way of wealth-seeking and sensuous pleasure-seeking; the way that ignores the Lord and his church.  However, here are some thoughts that I hope will cause you to pause and consider carefully the kind of life that you will live while upon this lowly footstool of God.


          Have you ever watched a funeral procession go by—not even knowing whose funeral it is—and observed the saddened faces of those in the family car?  Have you noticed that even though you knew none of them, your sympathy went out to them?  No doubt, you have done this dozens of times.  But, have you ever thought, “One day that will be me in the casket and my family sitting in the family car, and some stranger will pause and look as my procession goes by.”  Thoughts such as these should be sobering to each of us, because one day our life on this earth will come to and end.  We cannot live forever on this earth.  Hebrews 10:27 tells us that it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment.


          No doubt, in times past you have had many close calls.  You could have died in any of these.  Of course, you did not, but suppose that you had.  Would you have been prepared to meet God?  If you had died last week, where would your soul be for all eternity?          


          When you think seriously about such matters, it should cause you to determine to make any corrections that you might need to make that you might be prepared for eternity.  And be sure of this, you won’t miss a thing in this life that is really worthwhile by living a godly life.  By living a godly life, seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, you will soon learn the difference between worldly pleasures and genuine happiness.


          If you wouldn’t be willing to trade your eternal soul for material wealth or for a few moments of sensuous pleasure, then you had better not gamble with Satan.  He doesn’t play fair.  He has the deck stacked, and you will lose—you cannot win!!   Without doubt, many of those who died last week realize this truth now, but for them it is too late.  While you can do very little about life and death, you can do something about the kind of life you live and where you spend eternity.


          When your funeral procession passes by, will your family be weeping because they have no hope, or only because you will be missed?  It depends upon what you do in this life.  Don’t fall into Satan’s trap!!