The deceitfulness of Satan reminds me of the story of the camel and his master.  One cold winter night the camel stuck his head into the master’s tent.  The man was about to run him away when the camel spoke up and pleaded, “It is so very cold outside.  Can’t I  just put my head into the tent to keep my nose warm?”  The master thought about it and decided to let the camel do this.  Next, the camel put his neck into the tent.  He made the same passionate plea.  “If you will only let me put my neck inside, it will be so much warmer.”  Then about the time the master was dozing off to sleep, the camel crept half-way into the tent, saying if he could keep half of his body warm, he could endure the cold much better.  Of course, you know what happened next.  The camel came all the way in and, since there was not room enough for both to sleep in the tent, the master had to leave.


          Satan is indeed a super salesman.  If you ever let him get his “foot in the door” you are in extreme danger.  He doesn’t try to persuade you to turn from God all at once.  He begins a little at a time.  He makes sin alluring, and then tries to convince you that it can’t possibly hurt you.  He might begin by trying to entice you to miss a worship service or a Bible study occasionally.  Company might come in; you might like to take a trip; the fish might be biting at the lake; or you just might be so tired after a hard  week.  Satan will try and convince you that missing just once won’t hurt you.  But, he knows that this is the first step to turning from God completely.  Satan works this way with every sin imaginable.  He will try and convince you that it is not so terrible.  “After all, everybody in doing it” is his standard argument.  But remember the camel.  There is no room in your heart for God and Satan.  (Matt. 6:24).