The expression, “Success comes to those who wait” should not be taken too literally.  Sometimes those who wait keep on waiting, because that is all they do.  If you are to succeed in any endeavor, you must work at it.  The world doesn’t owe us a living, we have to go out and get it.  Likewise, in the religious realm, God doesn’t owe us salvation.  If we want to enjoy that eternal home, then we must be willing to work in that direction.  There is a formula that applies in all areas.  It is: “Opportunity plus ability equals responsibility.”  Who in America could say that he does not have opportunity to serve God?  And most of us would be ashamed to say that we do not have the ability to do so; therefore, it becomes our responsibility.  Apply this formula to every phase of the work of the church.  If you have the opportunity and the ability, then it becomes your responsibility.


          I am afraid that too many in the church are like the rich young ruler (Matt.19:16-22) .  They think that there is some one special thing that can be done which will bring about eternal salvation.  “I’m waiting to do one big thing in life” seems to be the attitude.  In waiting to do the one big thing, so often the many little things are overlooked.  God has never been pleased with his children sitting down and doing nothing.  Whenever the Israelites were fleeing from Egypt and were hemmed in on all sides, Moses said unto them “stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord.” (Exod.14:13).  While his faith could not be questioned, God was not pleased with Moses' statement.  He did not want them to stand still.  He told them to go forward.  Then he opened the Sea that they might do so.  He will likewise open seas for us today—not literal seas, but seas of opportunity.  He will remove barriers that stand in the way of doing his will.  I have known men who could not speak without stuttering, but could stand before an audience and lead singing without the least hesitation.  I have known men who were exceptionally shy, but by working at it, were able to word a most beautiful prayer.  I have also known those who could not stand before an audience and teach, but who were exceptionally good personal workers.  And, the story is told of one who volunteered to be the janitor, saying "I can’t do anything else, but I can do this.”  Let us find our niche in the kingdom of Christ and work toward that home in heaven.