It is a human tendency to place a value upon everything.  Only an expert in his field can tell the difference between a diamond and an artistically cut piece of glass.  When worn on your finger, placed in a tie pin, or even exhibited in a showcase, the cut glass can be as beautiful to those who behold it as the diamond.  Then, what makes the difference?  Why does a young lady insist upon a genuine diamond in her engagement ring?  She could have a much larger stone, one that makes a much more imposing appearance if she would settle for cut glass.  Why then, will she not accept the larger stone and attract more attention?  It is simply a matter of worth.  The piece of glass doesn’t cost very much; therefore, it has little meaning to the one wearing it.  No one else might know that it is worthless, but the owner knows it.  This makes the difference.  Even if no one ever asked her if the “diamond” is real, she knows that there was no sacrifice connected with its purchase; and, she feels that the ring is an expression of love or a lack of it.  The cut glass is just an imitation, a counterfeit, a pretense.


          We can recognize the truthfulness of these things materially, but so often, we fail to see the values in the spiritual realm.  People often struggle and sacrifice to give their children the temporal things of this world, while failing to provide for their eternal souls.  Men spend millions in the pursuit of worldly pleasures, but cannot see the need to spend their money to preach the gospel of Christ.  Why?  It is obviously a matter of what they think is the most important—pleasure for the moment or eternal happiness.


          We need to remember, just as we have no love for items that are counterfeits, neither does God.  He doesn’t want pretended devotion.  He doesn’t want half-hearted lip service.  He wants the genuine article—the heart and life that is offered to him in humble submission to his will.  Your soul is valuable; therefore, God is interested in it.  However, he wants service from a pure heart, and will accept no substitutes!  (See Matt.6:33; 15:8,9)