To some people, making the proper impression is very important.  No one must think that they ever have any problems or difficulties of any kind.  It is essential that they live in the best neighborhood, wear clothes from the exclusive shops, and that their children attend the best schools.  However, are these things really important?  Genuine friends could care less about these external things.  The same thing is true in the religious realm.  There are some who put on a very pious outward appearance, make a special effort to convince the preacher that they are about the best Christians who ever lived, but sometimes this sort of thing can backfire.  The story is told of a preacher who was visiting a family in his congregation.  The Bible was neatly dusted and displayed on a table in the living room.  The preacher suspected that it was unused, but he could not be sure.  About a week later he visited again.  The Bible was still displayed.  He picked it up and opened it.  “Why look,” the preacher said, “Here’s a comb in the Bible.”  Without thinking, the mother said, “We’ve been looking all over the house for that comb.”  The preacher had put the comb there the week before!                                                 


          Just owning a Bible to display does one little good.  It might impress a few people; some might think that it is even read.  However, God is the one we should strive to impress, and we cannot do that by outward appearances.


          The Bible is the world’s most important book.  In it are found the most profound of all truths; it contains the mind of God revealed to mankind; it is our guide from earth to heaven.  However, to benefit us, it must be used.  It needs to be studied carefully and prayerfully.  Many people say that they cannot understand the Bible, but this is because it is unfamiliar.  The more you study the clearer it becomes.  With just a few simple rules anyone can understand the Bible.  You need to know that the Old Testament is a history of God’s dealing with his people, the Israelites, while the New Testament contains God’s will for us today.  The first four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John give the story of the birth, the life, the teachings, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus.  The book of Acts tells us how the church was established and how it grew, giving us eight examples of conversion.  The other books, up to Revelation, are letters telling us how to live the Christian life, and the book of Revelation explains how the church will finally overcome all difficulties; and it gives us a glimpse of heaven. (Rev.21).  Use the Bible, and the soul you save might be your own.