††††††††† Once there was a hunter in a deep forest.He had been warned that poisonous snakes were in abundance.As he trudged through the thick growth, he watched very carefully every time he put his foot down.He was watching for the big rattlers; he was taking no chances.Finally, he became weary and decided to rest under a big tree where there was little or no underbrush.He sat down to rest for a while.He kept a sharp look around the edge of the thick brush, but did not notice a little coral snake as he slithered around the trunk of the great tree and crawled right up to his hand.Suddenly, while the hunter was still watching in all directions, the little coral snake chewed down on the hunterís little finger.In a little while the hunter was dead.He hadnít come close to a big rattlesnake, but he failed to realize that there were other dangersóthe little ones can kill you also.

Sin is like that.It isnít always the vile, disgraceful type sins that cause one to lose his soul.Many times it is the little sins that society does not frown upon that lead one away and cause him finally to lose his eternal soul.And the sad thing is that in most cases, the sinner takes someone else with him.You donít have to go out and commit murder in order to be condemned by God.Gossip will get the job done just as quickly.You donít have to rob a bank to be classed as a thief, just switch the labels on two items in a store, placing a cheap price tag on an expensive item, and you become a thief.You donít have to teach a youngster to commit murder to be guilty, just introduce him to strong drink or to drugs and there is no telling how many lives (and souls) may be lost because of it.You donít have to teach that it is not important to serve the Lord faithfully; all you have to do is miss a service occasionally where there is some special occasion that you want to attend, or feign a headache every now and then when there is a special program that you want to watch on television, or when you would like to sleep-in some Sunday morning.Little things such as these will cause one to lose his soul just as surely as those things that we consider vile sins.There are too many people who justify themselves in their evils by minimizing the things that they do.Prov. 23:7 says, ďFor as he thinketh in his heart, so is heÖĒ

A great many people cannot seem to see the dangers in little things such as not trying to control their tempers; finding fault with everybody else but being blind to their own faults; holding malice in their heart, but thinking that everybody ought to forgive their shortcomings without even being asked.Just remember, itís the little sins that really hurt you.†††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††