Most of us are bargain hunters in connection with material things.  If we buy an object then find it cheaper down the street, we feel cheated.  However, while we feel this way about material things, many of us consider very lightly things of a spiritual nature, and seldom count the cost.  With a great many people, popularity is very important.  In fact, most of us like popularity.  It is nice to be well liked, to be popular, but some make the mistake of seeking popularity at any price.                                                                                        


There are those who feel that it is necessary to sacrifice principles and

convictions in order to be popular.  Many innocent girls have learned the bitter lesson that popularity was not worth the price that they paid.  Some feel that it is necessary to be permissive in order to be popular, but this is not really true.  A man will respect a woman who demands respect.  And it has been proven many times that one does not have to sacrifice principles in order to be popular.  A few years ago I read a story about a Christian girl in Texas who was chosen to be “home coming queen.”  She had not sought this honor, and when she was chosen, she made a speech before the student body thanking them for selecting her, but said that she could not accept because her religious convictions would not let her attend the dance.  After consideration of the matter, the student-body insisted that she be “home-coming queen” and not attend the dance.  There are many stories like this.  If Christians have the courage to stand up and be counted for Christ, most people will respect them, and those who do not, are not the kind of friends you need anyway.


          Sometimes, even preachers are guilty of paying too high a price for popularity.  There are a few who will close their eyes to the sins of certain people in high places; preach whatever a certain few want to hear; refrain from preaching on anything that condemns anyone, and so the only thing left is little niceties of nothingness.  It is always better to be popular with God than with the baser elements of this earth.  Also, sometimes, a preacher will play one group in the congregation against another in an attempt to be popular with one particular group.  Can God be pleased with such? (See Gal. 1:10).  If we will serve God faithfully, we will be popular with Him and with those who really love Him.