We live in a dangerous world; yet, when the dangers are pointed out we do not go on blindly.  On our highways, danger signs are placed at intersections, sharp curves, and winding roads.  Warning signs are place at railroad crossings and at all danger points.  However, thousands of people are killed on our highways each year.  Why does this happen?  Because some people just ignore the warning signs.  There are those who think that they can handle an automobile no matter how fast the speed nor how sharp the curve.  There are those who think that they can beat the train to the crossing, and thus gamble with their life.  There are warnings in other areas also.  The human body is so made that there are warnings whenever some part of the body is not properly functioning, but, again, there are thousands who ignore these warnings and wait until they have to be hauled to a doctor.


          While these things are sad, there is something that is worse, and that is whenever people fail to heed the warnings in the spiritual realm.  God has seen fit to warn us in his word of those things that endanger the eternal soul; yet, so few heed these warnings.  For example, he tells us, “It is not within man that walketh to direct his own steps.” (Jer.10:23).  However, multitudes go blindly along, following their own inclinations or the doctrines of some man.  The Bible warns that “wine is a mocker” (Prov.20:1); but, a great majority of people in this country drink as though it were the proper thing to do.  The apostle Paul warns, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” (1 Thes.5:22.  Yet, even some who are Christians, try to see just how close they can walk to evil without stepping over; and how few are those who do not step over.  Christ warns that when he comes again, he is going to take vengeance on all those who do not obey the gospel and those who know not the Lord. (2 Thes.1:8,9).  But how few are they who heed this warning, and instead of obeying the gospel and serving the Lord, will argue that they don’t have to.  God’s word tells the Christian, “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” (Rev.2:10).  Yet, some members of the church will miss services any time they can think of an excuse, and will fail to work for the Lord in any other manner.  Yes, the world is full of danger signs, but men have blinded their eyes to them and are rushing headlong into eternal destruction.  Don’t be among that number.  Heed the warning!!