By our lives we prove to God just how much we love him.  We prove to Him how much we love Him by how we spend our time.  If we engage in those activities that are evil, surely we cannot be very convincing in our argument that we love God who hates these things.  If we selfishly seek to satisfy our own carnal passions, this is an indication that God has no place in our lives.


          If we are too unconcerned with spiritual things to meet with the saints to worship God faithfully and regularly then, spiritually, we are weak and sickly.


          We also prove to God how much we love him by our contribution.  If we feel that when we drop in our dollar (whenever we are present) then spend lavishly on material things for our own pleasures and personal enjoyment, then it is easy for God and the world to see where our interest lies.  God expects us to enjoy life.  He blesses us so that we can have more than the bare necessities of life, and for this reason we should be thankful, and return unto him in proportion to our prosperity.  But how much is “in proportion to our prosperity?”  Think about it for a moment.  How much do you spend on yourself and your family?  How much do you pay for a home to live in?  Of course this varies, but let us take an arbitrary figure.  Suppose that you make house payments of $500.00 per month; then for an automobile to ride in, say that your payments are $250.00 per month; and for groceries, if you have a family of four and you eat enough to keep your bodies functioning, you spend at least $375.00 per month on groceries.  Then there are the normal operating costs and the luxury items.  How much is this per week?  Now if you spend this much on material things, do you think that you can convince God that you really love him by dropping a dollar or two in the collection plate?  But how do we determine what would be pleasing to God?  The Jews, under the Law, were required to give a tenth of all that they made, plus several other gifts.  Then Christ fulfilled the Law, and gave us a better law, and told us to give cheerfully, generously, and bountifully.  How much do you think would be pleasing to God?   The amount that we give is determined to a great extent by how much we love God.  Wouldn’t it be terrible to miss heaven because of a few dollars?