A habit is one of the easiest things in the world to begin, but once it is formed, it is very difficult to overcome.  Sometimes we try to justify what we do by saying, “It’s just a habit.”  We say that as though it is not so bad after all, but some of these habits can kill you physically and spiritually.


          Our young people are often led down the pathway to eternal destruction by way of habits.  Satan is familiar with every evil, and is a master at deception.  How many men and women do you suppose have become alcoholics as a result of social drinking?  The social drink is the first step toward drunkenness.                           


          And, what about the drug addicts who thought it would be exciting to experiment with drugs?  They only intended to experiment—they just wanted to see what it was like.  Satan knows that sin is progressive.  Boys and girls begin smoking marijuana because “everybody is doing it.”  And, don’t be deceived by the propaganda that marijuana should be legalized.  The argument is “alcohol is legal and marijuana is no worse than alcohol.”  In the first place, even if that statement were true, is that justification for making another danger legal?  We now have more than 9 million alcoholics.  Do we need an equal number of drug addicts?  And, in the second place, it is not a proven fact that marijuana is no worse than alcohol.  We haven’t had time to study the long-term affects.  But the short-term affects are enough.  Some argue that it is not addictive.  Even if this were true (which it is not) it is still a fact that practically all who begin with marijuana go on to the hard drugs.  Satan will be happy if you believe that it is not very bad to smoke marijuana, because he knows that if you believe this, you will do it, and he also knows that if you do, it will only be a matter of time until you go on to the other drugs.


          The physical dangers of evil habits are horrible.  Have you ever seen an alcoholic with delirium tremens (DT’s)?  Sometimes they see snakes crawling on the bed or on the walls; sometimes in their minds there are enemies who are trying to kill them.  And to them, it is all very real.  I preached the funeral of two men who killed themselves to escape these tortures.  Yes, this is bad, but the physical affects are not as bad as the spiritual, because souls are at stake.  How much better to form good habits (such as reading your Bible daily and attending worship services faithfully)  that will help you in living a Christian life! (Matt.6:33; Rev.2:10).