“For God so loved the world…” (Jno.3:16).  When we consider what Jesus has done for us, how very grateful we should be.  He was in heaven with God, but because he loved us, he left that wonderful home and came and lived on earth.  This within itself would have been enough; yet, he did not live among the wealthy, but rather among the poor of this earth.  While here he gave us the greatest law that has ever been conceived. Then, because we could not pay the penalty for sin, he went to the cross in our stead, offering his own blood as an atonement for our sins, making it possible for you and me to enjoy heaven when this life is ended.  Perhaps we do not comprehend the extent of this sacrifice.  Let us put it on a personal basis.  What cause would you give your very life for?  This is what our Lord did, and he did it all because he loved us.  Yet, how has the world repaid him?  Wickedness is the order of the day.  Worldly pleasures take precedent over worshipping God, and total dedication to his cause is rare.


          Ungratefulness is a terrible thing, yet it is obvious that the majority of people do not even consider what Jesus has done for us.  There is no thought of service to him on the part of the majority of people.  However, again, let us make it personal.  What have you done for Christ lately?  He died for you; what do you do for him?  Do you worship him regularly and faithfully?  Do you study his word systematically?  Do you make an attempt to teach his word to those who are lost?  Do you visit and encourage the weak Christians?  Do you visit the bereaved and the sick?  Do you give as you have been prospered?  If you are failing to do any of these things, can you honestly feel that you are serving the Lord faithfully?  If you were asked why you felt that you should go to heaven, could you give any other reason than that Christ died for you?  Without this sacrifice on the part of our Lord, we surely could never make it heaven; however, the fact that Christ died on Calvary does not guarantee that you and I will enjoy heaven.  We have duties and obligations also.  A pretty good way to determine how much you are doing for Christ is to answer honestly:  If you were tried for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  Search your hearts diligently, and determine to do a better job for the Lord.