The story is told of the man who bought a mule.  This mule was supposed to be well trained, but when the man began plowing, the mule paid no attention to him.  He would yell, “Gee” or “Haw” but the mule plodded straight ahead.  The man took the mule back to the man he bought him from and told him the problem he was having.  The previous owner hitched the mule to a plow, walked in front of him and hit him in the head with a two by four, knocking him to his knees, then he turned to the new owner and said, “Now tell him what you want him to do, and he will do it.  You’ve got to get his attention.”


          Sometimes people are like that, you have to first get their attention.  God is a patient being; however, his patience can run out.  Whenever we go headlong on our wicked or careless ways, God will bear with us, but after a while he might get tired of this carelessness, and his way of getting our attention might be drastic.  Many men and women have continued carelessly through much of their life, giving God little consideration until some catastrophe came their way.  It seems that some people cannot serve God until something terrible happens in their lives.  They seem to think that they do not need God when things are going well.  When they are enjoying prosperity, there seems to be no need to ask God’s help.  When they are in good health, they do not appreciate it and give thanks to God.  When the children are doing well in school and are not in any kind of trouble, they do not see any need to bother God.  They might go on in carelessness until God sees the need to get their attention.  We need to be careful; we might not like the method that God uses to get our attention. 


          We are wonderfully blessed in this great land.  We are prospering beyond anything that has been experienced in the history of the world.  Most of us are two-car families.  We have central heat and air conditioning.  We have colored television sets and all the modern conveniences that could be imagined.  However, I’m afraid that we do not appreciate these blessing as we should.  Let us be careful to serve God faithfully so that he doesn’t have to get our attention.  It might be a frightening experience. (Heb.10:26).  However, what a wonderful reward heaven will be for the righteous. Rev.