If you want to see where one’s interests lie, just see how he spends his money.  If he spends his money for boats and motors, you know that he is a fisherman; if it is for theater tickets, restaurants, concerts and the like, then his main object is entertainment; and if it is for motion picture cameras and projectors, then his main interest is his family.  If large amounts are spent for any of the above things and very little is contributed to the church, then you can know that his main interest is not the work of the Lord.


          Isn’t it odd that people will put so much emphasis on material things that perish to the neglect of their eternal souls?  This life, at best, is short, and all material things will be left behind when we leave this life; however, the soul will live on.  It will either be in eternal bliss or eternal destruction; and what we do in this life, including the way that we spend our money, will

determine which it shall be.


          We need to be reminded occasionally that God loves us with an unending love; that he paid the price for our salvation, and he wants us to enjoy a home with him when this life ends.  However, he expects us to love Him in return.  We show our love, or our lack of it, by our actions day by day.  If we have time for everything in the world except God, and if we spend everything that we receive on our own pleasures, then God knows that we have no real love for him.  There are some who do not get any real enjoyment from serving the Lord.  Some will even say, “I used to go to church, but I just don’t enjoy it any more.”  Something is wrong when this is the case, but no one is justified in ceasing to serve God because he doesn’t enjoy it.  He had better take a careful look at himself to determine why he doesn’t enjoy serving God, because there is only one place for one to be in eternity if he does not enjoy worshipping God, and he surely will not enjoy that place.  Perhaps the best way to begin enjoying serving God is to put your money in the work of the Lord, because where your treasure is there will your heart be also! (Matt.6:21).  Whatever is required, let me encourage you to make sure that your heart is in your service to God.  Eternity is a long, long time.