God’s word says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  The atheist says, “In the beginning by some freak accident a microscopic cell became alive and over a span of billions of years divided and subdivided and formed all life that is now on earth, both plant and animal.”  The theory of evolution says that each organism, as it began to advance up the evolutionary ladder, adapted itself to survive, and continues to evolve.  What this means is that each  unintelligent animal recognized what it needed and developed that part.  For example, when the first fish crawled out on the land, somehow he knew he had to have lungs to breathe the air directly, so he grew himself some lungs.  Next, he needed legs to better get around, so he grew himself some legs—each animal branching off to form some other kind of animal, grew different kinds of legs, etc.  As the higher forms of life began to evolve, the atheist says that they developed themselves a more complex brain so that they could think and solve problems.  However, there is a conflict here.  If the atheist is right, this animal with the undeveloped brain had already been solving some rather complex problems.  The theory goes on and on; the organisms developing more and more advanced forms until some finally evolved into human beings as we are today.  The atheist will laugh at the Christian for believing that God created the heavens and the earth and all living beings, and ridicule the idea of Bible miracles.  But who should be doing the laughing?  Faith in God requires accepting the fact that an all powerful God, in a miraculous way, created the universe.  However, accepting the evolutionary theory requires accepting something much more fantastic than the miracle of creation.  The theory of evolution requires miracle after miracle, performed by unintelligent forms without the assistance of any outside force!  

          Let me ask just one question.  How could a fish (Assuming that he could get to that state all by himself) decide that he needed lungs, and after deciding this, how would he go about creating them for himself?

          Why does God allow this atheism to spread?  Why doesn’t he stamp it out?  Simply because God wants our faith and our trust.  (Heb.11:6).  However, if we will not accept his word by faith, then he will let us be deceived. (2 Thes.2:11,12).  Forced love would be no love at all.  God wants us to make the choice—“Choose you this day whom ye will serve…” (Joshua 24:15).