The story is told of a father who wanted to teach a lesson to his sons.  He tied a bundle of sticks together, called his sons to him and started from the oldest down to the youngest, handed them the bundle of sticks and told them to try to break the sticks.  Each son struggled with all his might, but could not break the bundle.  The father then took the sticks, untied them and easily broke each one separately.  “The lesson is,” he said, “if you stick together, you can overcome the world, but if you divide and bicker among yourselves you will be overcome.”


          The church is much like that.  If we remain united and work together as a smooth unit, there is no limit to what we can do, but if there is no unity—if each member tries to be the whole ball game all by himself, little will ever be accomplished.  Christ knew what he was doing when he called the church his spiritual body.  ( Eph. 1:22,23).  Each member of the body has a function to perform, but apart from the other members, it cannot carry out its purpose.  In the human body, all the members are directed by the brain, and being thus directed, the members work together to carry out the purpose of the body.  In the same manner, Christ is the head over the spiritual body, which is made up of individual members.  When we let Christ direct us, and all are willing to work together, we can do whatever God would have us do, but if a majority of the members sit down and let just a few carry the load, not much can be accomplished.  All around us are the lost who need teaching; we have the weak who need strengthening, the despondent who need encouragement, and the new converts with zeal who need to be directed.  As a congregation, we need to grow.  If we do not, finally we will die out.  We need to work to bring young men and women into the church.  We need to strive diligently to bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord so that we do not lose them as soon as they get in their teens.  We need to set the proper example of enthusiasm for the Lord before them.  They need to know by our lives that the church means something to us; that we do not think of it as a civic club, or some institution that we can take or leave at our own pleasure.  We need to show to the world that we are longing to enjoy that eternal home with God when this life is ended, and that we enjoy this life as a Christian while preparing for that home.  Let us each put our shoulder to the wheel and work together for the furtherance of the cause of Christ!