There are some things no one else can do for you.  A few of these are: eat, sleep, breathe, and worship God.  Yes, it is just as logical to think that someone else can sleep for you as to think that someone else can worship for you.  Either one will do you just about as much good.  Despite this fact, however, there are many people who seem to think that all is well if they send some member of the family to the worship service.  A great many husbands send their wives and seem to feel that that is sufficient.  Some parents send their children.  But on the day of judgment we are each going to be judged by what we have done, not what we have permitted someone else to do.  When we stand before Christ on that final judgment day, he is not going to be interested in what our husband, our wife, or our children have done; he will, no doubt, ask, “What have you done?”


          Christianity is a way of life.  We cannot send someone in our stead.  We cannot hire someone else to do our work for us.  We need to understand also that reaching heaven is going to depend on more than just “going to church.”  Our whole being must be dedicated to the service of God.  The apostle Paul tells us to render our bodies a living sacrifice to God. (Rom.12:1).  How many are doing this?  Sometimes our song service indicates our interest in God.  Here are some song titles with attitudes that have been observed:

          “JESUS PAID IT ALL” so why should I give of my means?

          “ANYWHERE WITH JESUS” unless it’s to church in the rain, or

                    when it’s too hot or too cold, or when we have a trip planned,

                    etc., etc.

          “RESCUE THE PERISHING” is what the preacher is paid to do.

          “STAND UP FOR JESUS” if no one is looking.

          “I LOVE THY KINGDOM, LORD” but the preacher had better

                     not take more than 25 minutes to talk about it.


                     job, my family, and my recreation.

          “IF JESUS GOES WITH ME” it may be embarrassing for both of us.

          “TAKE MY LIFE AND LET IT BE”—yes, just let it be!     


         Let us all strive diligently for that home in heaven.  It will be worth all the sacrifices we are called upon to make.