Isn’t it sad that so many people are so gullible?  It seems to be human nature to follow the crowd.  Yet, can you afford to follow the crowd?   The very fact that “everybody’s doing it” should cause us to question it.  Jesus tells us that the multitude will be lost while the few will be saved.  (Matt. 7:14,15).

          The number of people doing a particular thing does not determine whether it is right or wrong.  God’s word alone is the safe guide. (Jno. 17:17).

          If we follow the crowd, let us observe some things that we would do:  The great majority of people dress indecently.  It doesn’t take a Solomon to know that this is a true statement.  But, does “everybody’s doing it” give the Christian girls and women the right to dress immodestly?  Again, the great majority of people drink alcoholic beverages.  Should Christians begin drinking?  The majority of people use vulgar and profane language.  Should Christians do this? 

          Even in doctrinal matters, this same principle holds true.  Should we begin using an instrument in worship?  Everybody’s doing it!  And what about the neo-Pentecostal movement?  The country is being swept, especially among the younger people, by this extreme emotionalism.  This was very evident as long ago as Billy Graham’s Expo 72.  At that affair, people from all over the country came together, but one who did not know better would have never guessed that it was supposed to be a religious gathering.  Scantily clad boys and girls were swinging, swaying and gyrating, and generally acting in a most irreverent manner.  Is this proper because it is popular?  Do we fear to be different?  Must we be “like the nations about us?”    

          Let us follow God, not men.  If you follow the crowd where will it lead you?  Jesus said,  …Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat…” (Matt. 7:13).  Let us rather follow after righteousness.  Jesus continues in verse 14, “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”