While Jesus was upon this earth he said, “I must work the work of Him that sent me while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work.” (John 9:4).  This same thing is true with each of us.  Night is going to come when we cannot work.  One of the best tools that Satan has is procrastination:  “Don’t do it today, begin next week” has defeated many good works.  Good intentions have never completed any job.  Sad is the plight of those who kept promising, “I’ll go to church one of these days, just wait and see.”  Everybody waited, then there was silence.  No more promises are made; no more pleading is done, because death closes the door of opportunity.


          Satan is well aware of this possibility.  He places worldly pleasures in the pathway of each of us.  “You have plenty of time to serve God; have a good time now and when you get all of this out of your system, you can serve God better.” is one of his most effective tools because it sounds so logical according to human logic.  Those who accept this philosophy do not plan on dying until they are old, old men or women.  However, things do not always work as we plan.  How many of the young people whose names appear in the obituary columns daily planned it this way?  Also, look at the lives of older people who spent their time putting off serving God.  Have they “gotten it out of their system” yet?  I wonder when they will!  The pattern is that they go on serving Satan by satisfying their own lusts, and then one day there is silence.


          It is a sad experience for any gospel preacher to preach the funeral of one who shirked his responsibilities and shunned the invitation of the Lord.  What kind of words of comfort can he give to the grieving family?


          When you stand before the judge on that great and final day, you will be judged by what you knew; what you had opportunity to know, and by what you did and left undone.  It will be too late for excuses and promises.  This silence will come to each of  us.  Let us so live that death will be a transition from earth to heaven, rather than the harbinger of eternal destruction.