John Bird was born February 21, 1922, in Metter, Georgia. His parents were C.L. and Letha Bird. In his youthful years he was a Baptist, but with much study, he obeyed our Lordís Gospel at the age of 19.

John joined the U.S. Navy in 1942 and remained in service until 1945. It was during this time (1942), John married his very lovely wife, Lois Davis.

John started preaching the gospel part-time in Savannah, Georgia in 1947. He earned a B.A in education from Georgia Southern at Statesborough and an M.A in psychology from the University of West Florida. 

John preached the first sermon in the St. Maryís Church (1952), started by Brother J.W. Blackburn. John became a full time, pulpit preacher in 1962. He preached across Georgia and Florida, and served as an elder and preacher (1977-82) at St. Maryís Church of Christ.

Brother John retired from full time preaching in 1994

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